Daily Archives: February 9, 2017

AWS Services / Amazon Simple Storage Service S3 object tagging

FCB8457B-EE6C-46EE-A248-56C3729C701DS3 Object Tagging is a new feature introduced by AWS on December 2016. A really nice feature that allows you to track your costs on your invoice by your tags.

For example, you can add a tag by client name, and a tag by department: development, qa, or production.

I was migrating some objects from folders; however this feature to upload a folder (or a list of files) with tags was not available throw the “aws/aws-sdk-java version 1.11.87” .

So, the solution is to add an ObjectTaggingProvider (similar to the ObjectMetadataProvider) and modify the TransferManager to accept the ObjectTaggingProvider as a parameter in uploadDirectory method.

Then, on the client, we can implement the taggingProvider: