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AWS Services / Amazon Simple Storage Service S3 object tagging

FCB8457B-EE6C-46EE-A248-56C3729C701DS3 Object Tagging is a new feature introduced by AWS on December 2016. A really nice feature that allows you to track your costs on your invoice by your tags.

For example, you can add a tag by client name, and a tag by department: development, qa, or production.

I was migrating some objects from folders; however this feature to upload a folder (or a list of files) with tags was not available throw the “aws/aws-sdk-java version 1.11.87” .

So, the solution is to add an ObjectTaggingProvider (similar to the ObjectMetadataProvider) and modify the TransferManager to accept the ObjectTaggingProvider as a parameter in uploadDirectory method.

Then, on the client, we can implement the taggingProvider:


The cloud computing monitoring performance tools. Java approaches.

The cloud computing monitoring performance tools are relative new, so how to monitor the cloud computing?

cloud computing monitoring performance tools

The end user experience is crucial to keep on live an application hosted on the cloud. So this is the reason to keep an eye on the performance of our applications. Watch up, maybe your application is not completed levered on the cloud; however, some modules, or computing bottleneck are part of the cloud. Monitoring the cloud is a challenge, as the cloud computing is hosted by third parties most of the time.

Monitoring the cloud computing using distributed performance agents is an approach some tools are using.

Java, JEE or J2EE application servers, now are more often hosted on the cloud. We have multiple service providers with huge experience. As an example, we can see the Redhat service branded Openshift, which has by default Jboss applications servers. I’ve been testing and it is possible to install monitoring tools inside the server.

Does the cloud is hidden the sun? A sunshine is appearing, performance tools and cloud computing are now part of the scope on ITSM.

On the IT daily operations, monitoring the performance is moving from in house, to the cloud. Tools vendors are aware, and they are providing better cloud solutions.

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