Erick Brito's photo with landscape.

Erick Brito’s photo with a Canadian landscape as background.

About me


My name is Erick Brito, I’m a passionate about technology, a team player with more than 15 successful years of experience. I have worked as an architect, programmer, programmer analyst, systems analyst, business analyst, instructor and project manager; in the banking, insurance, telecom, government (e-government) and in application performance management sectors.


Focused on the business and with good understanding of the client’s needs; I use the best-known methodologies and successfully integrates technical solutions.



  • Implementing Methodologies with success.
  • Agile projects with JEE architecture.
  • Information Technology Consulting Specialist Providing development, process management, and cloud (IaaS, Paas) consulting.


I hold a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering (2005) and a MBA that I completed in 2007 in Mexico.


This blog is a place where I want to expose articles related with the actuality and the best practices in the Information Technology, as well as topics related with Enterprise Architecture. is hosted using the servers from Redhat Openshift. It is powered by WordPress.

Please feel free to contact me to get additional information about me or about the blog erick

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