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How to backup uncommitted changes locally using Subversion: svn status, sed

Discover the power of subversion and bash with sed, tar and xargs:

svn status provided the information about the modified files

$svn status

  • using sed, we can get the list of modified files.

$mkdir backup1 $ svn status|sed -e s/”M “// -e s/^?.*// -e ‘/^$/ d’ |cp

$ svn status|sed -e s/”M “// -e s/^?.*// -e ‘/^$/ d’|xargs -n 1 -I {} echo .{} backup1/

  • The final command:

$ svn status|sed -e s/”M “// -e s/^?.*// -e ‘/^$/ d’|sed s/\///g|xargs -n 1 -I {} cp ./{} backup1/

  • or a cleanest:

$ svn status|sed -n s/”M “//p |sed s/\///g |xargs -n 1 -I {} cp ./{} backup2/

  • instead to copy the files loosing the folder structure, we can use the tar program:

$ svn status|sed -n s/”M “//p |sed s/\///g |xargs -I {} tar -u -f backup2/archive.tar {}

  • If I want ot see the time or use it to create the file, I can use the function date: $echo $(date “+%Y-%m-%d@%T”) 2014-01-22@16:50:47

$ svn status|sed -n s/”[M|A] “//p |sed s/\///g |xargs -I {} tar -u -f backup2/$(date “+%Y-%m-%d”)-$(date +%s).tar {}

To revert the changes:

$ svn status|sed -e s/”M “// -e s/^?.*// -e ‘/^$/ d’|sed s/\///g|xargs -n 1 -I {} svn revert {}

  • references:




  • Going further: a script that commit the changes, before commit it, backup the changes, later add the diff and finaly add the logs to the backup file:

#We need the folder where will be saved the backup file first param #$ svn status|sed -n s/”[M|A] “//p |sed s/\///g |xargs -I {} tar -u -f backup2/$(date “+%Y-%m-%d”)-$(date +%s).tar {} #We need the message we will use on the commit #We need to know the revision number: svn info provide it. #We need to know the difference #$ svn diff > diff_2014-01-24-1390590293.txt

fileNameWithoutExt=$(date “+%Y-%m-%d”)-$(date +%s) tarFileName=$(fileNameWithoutExt).tar fullTarFileNameWithPath=$1/$tarFileName svn status|sed -n s/”[M|A] “//p |sed s/\///g |xargs -I {} tar -u -f $fullTarFileNameWithPath {} svn diff > diff_$(fileNameWithoutExt).txt tar -u -f $fullTarFileNameWithPath ./$diff_$(fileNameWithoutExt).txt svn commit -m $2 revisionNumber=svn info|sed -n ‘s/Revision: //p’ svn update svn log -r $revisionNumber > $fileNameWithoutExt.log tar -u -f $fullTarFileNameWithPath ./$fileNameWithoutExt.log


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